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January 19 - March 3


Bruce Marsh, "Double Mangrove ," oil on canvas, 48 " x 48" (detail)

Bruce Marsh and Jeffrey Kronsnoble have been friends and artists for more than fifty years. They both taught at University of South Florida, sought out New York galleries, helped each other build cabins in the mountains, took family vacations together, looked at and discussed each other's work endlessly and appreciated it.

Jeffrey Kronsnoble, "Cemetery's Edge," oil on canvas, 45" x 56" (detail)

Bruce Marsh's work in this show represents a transition from primarily landscape-focused to images involving figures. "I like to think that my process, in painting, relates to the process of vision; blobs and strokes of paint which are ragged and coarse in a close view become coherent and convincing images when seen from a distance," Marsh says about his work.

Bruce Marsh, "Parking Lot," oil on canvas, 48" x 48" (detail)

Jeffrey Kronsnoble, in describing his paintings: " They refer to people, places, and things that I'm attracted to. They vary greatly from small to large, realistic to abstract, on canvas to board. And yet I think what holds them together is my insistence upon an overarching feel of an achieved oderliness in the wake of the messiness of experience."

The work can be viewed during regular hours: Tuesday through Friday from 10 - 5 and Saturday 11 - 4.

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